Biking is an excellent mode of transportation. In addition to the health advantages of e-bike riding, it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. As an avid rider or enthusiast, you may be interested in discovering the top e-bike friendly locations.

Best Cities

  1. New York, NY.
    • The hub of public transportation, New York City has gradually become friendly to the e-bike trend. Its immense population of 8.6 million calls for an alternative solution that allows people to weave in and out of the parade of yellow taxis while reducing its carbon footprint.
  2. San Diego, CA.
    • San Diego's ideal climate and pristine beaches make it a top e-bike destination on the West Coast. With over 500 miles of rideable bike paths and shared streets, cyclists gain unparalleled freedom and citywide access. Being one of the hilliest cities in the US, it's an ideal location to bring an e-bike.
  3. Portland, OR.
    • Despite its reputation for frequent rainfall, Portland remains an ideal destination for biking enthusiasts. Portland, known for its mild climate and picturesque forests and mountains, has been recognized as a bike-friendly city by Bicycling magazine and the League of American Bicyclists. Portland has 385 miles of bike lanes, with plans for an extra 95 miles of biking paths in the future. 
  4. Austin, TX.
    • As the population continues to grow rapidly, the city streets are transforming into a bustling hub for bicycle enthusiasts. Among the 110+ parks, there is a trail that leads to a Bike Zoo of illuminated crafted bicycles. E-bikes fulfill their purpose by effortlessly navigating through the city's extensive network of 331 miles of dedicated bike lanes, including the 6-mile-long Lance Armstrong Bikeway.
  5. Boulder, CO.
    • Boulder, Colorado is nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, a city that embraces cycling. It offers a unique blend of businesses, scenic beauty, and a vibrant culture. Additionally, this city offers a bike-sharing program, boasting approximately 50 cycle kiosks in the vicinity.

  6. Minneapolis, MN.
    • Minnesotans show great dedication to the cyclist lifestyle. With 3.7% of the population commuting by bicycle, the city ranks as one of the top cities for bicycle commuting, setting an example for the rest of the nation. E-bikes are highly regarded in the bike community and are often chosen as a preferred alternative transportation option, riding along the extensive 226-mile bikeways.
  7. Boston, MA.
    • Boston is a city in the United States known for its rich historical background and continuous growth. It has received high rankings for its walkability, public transit options, and biking opportunities.
best place for e bike

    Best Nature Trails

    If you're wanting to see the views while also getting in some great exercise, going on any of these trails are a great option! This is also a great time to utilize your Electric Mountain Bike.

    1. Paul Bunyan State Trail, MN.
      • This bike trail is among the longest in the US, spanning 110 miles through the Minnesota countryside. Discover lush forests, scenic meadows, and numerous lakes and streams on your journey.
    2. Hiawatha Trail, ID/MT.
      • The Hiawatha Trail, a 15-mile downhill route, spans the Idaho-Montana border with breathtaking scenery. This trail was ingeniously constructed on an abandoned railway system that winds through the Bitterroot Mountains. The Hiawatha Trail offers riders a unique experience, with trestle bridges and tunnels on the trail.
    3. Mammoth Lakes Trail System, CA.
      • Mammoth Mountain is the first park on US Forest Service Land to officially allow e-bikes on its trails, making it a historical landmark for e-biking. But it’s the park’s wide variety of views and terrains that truly make this place special.
    4. Mt. Hough Trail, CA.
      • For a pleasant and enjoyable e-bike trail in northern California, consider exploring the Mt. Hough Trail. Experience a leisurely ride on this 10-mile trail, the main descent of the mountain, while maintaining a brisk pace. This makes it not only a great place for beginners and families with children, but also a great alternative to flat paved paths, providing just enough challenge to keep you engaged.
        October 18, 2023 — Samuel Combs