Typically, the front tire of an electric bike is identical to that of a regular bicycle. However, the rear tire is noticeably different. Consequently, repairing a flat front tire is significantly easier than the rear tire. This guide on how to change an electric bike tire will explain what you should do in any situation.

Tools You'll Need.

Prior to providing instructions on tire replacement, it is important to familiarize yourself with the necessary tools for the task. To guarantee effective and safe change without any damage to your electric bike, it is crucial to utilize the appropriate tools.

Changing the Rear Tire on an Electric Bike

When replacing the rear tire on an electric bike, it's important to consider the presence of the electric motor. Exercise caution when handling the electrical components to avoid any potential damage. Sometimes the process can be different depending on the Different Types Of Electric Bikes.

  1. Prepare Your Bike

    Ensure your electric bike is completely turned off and remove the battery during this process to prevent accidental switching on. If it does, it could potentially damage the bike or it could harm you.

    To avoid any risk of shorting plugs or electric shocks, press and hold the power button on your electric bike until all power is discharged.

    To ensure optimal performance, place your electric bike in the highest gear before operation. This positioning ensures that the bike's chain is farthest from the rear hub.

  2. Place Your Electric Bike Correctly

    Remove all handlebar accessories and flip the bike's mirrors downward to avoid damage and ensure stability. In order to proceed, invert your e-bike and place it on the seat and handlebars, resembling the process of changing the front tire.

    Ensure that only the handlebar grips rest on the wooden blocks to avoid scratching the paint. The use of wooden blocks is optional, but it can provide elevation for easier reach and protection for the LCD screen.

    To prevent the LCD from touching the ground, add additional wooden blocks to further elevate the bike. Additionally, ensure that the blocks are evenly distributed to maintain the bike's stability during maintenance. 

  3. Unplug the Bike’s Motor Cable

    Locate the motor cable near the chain stay of your bike. Cut the zip ties securing both sides of the cable to the bike's frame. This will ensure that the cables are not under any stress and remain in excellent condition. Properly grip the plug to prevent damage when disconnecting.

    Grip the plug on each end and exert equal force in opposite directions. Avoid rotating the plug while pulling to prevent pin damage at the connection. Avoid holding the plug directly from the wires. This can lead to wire damage and affect its lifespan.

  4. Remove the Axle Nuts

    Make sure to loosen both of the two bolts located on either side of the hub motor. This will allow the axles on the hub motor to come off the dropouts. However, if your bike has a torque arm blocking the way, you will not be able to remove the axles from the dropouts at this point. 

    Before attempting to remove the wheel from the frame, it is important to open the rim brakes. This will prevent the brakes from interfering with the rim or tire. However, if your bike is equipped with disc brakes instead of rim brakes, there is no need to remove anything.

  5. Unscrew the Torque Arm Bolt

    Use a 3 mm Allen wrench to remove the torque arm bolt. Your electric bike may have one or two bolts and washers. These bolts secure the brake assembly, so removing them will allow for safe and easy wheel removal.

    After removing the bolts, the brake assembly will become loose. Thus, detach it from its secure position and suspend it on the side of your wheel’s frame.

    Prior to removing the bolts, use your phone to photograph the axle's position in relation to the frame inset. Repeat this process for the alignment of the washer and the torque arm. This way, you will recall the precise location it occupied when reattaching the tire. Placing it incorrectly can result in self-harm or injury due to a flawed setup.

    In most cases, the tab on the locking washer for electric bike axles will be positioned against the end of the frame inset. However, the placement of the torque arms and washers may vary.

  6. Remove the Rear Tire on Your Electric Bike

    Detach the bike's wheel by pulling back the chain and lifting it out of the hub to disengage it from the chainring. The removal process may require some effort, so gently rock the wheel back and forth as you lift it. Use caution while freeing it to avoid damaging the chain.

  7. Inspect the Inner Tube

    If you discover a single hole, your inner tube is punctured. Ensure that the object responsible for the puncture is not still lodged in the tube. A pinch flat occurs when there are two holes through which air is escaping.

  8. Reinstall the Inner Tube in the Tire

    Slightly inflate the inner tube to achieve the desired shape. Maintain enough air to ensure easy handling and prevent flopping. Additionally, ensure the tube is flexible for effortless placement into the tire.

    Position one side of the tire bead onto the rim. Then, carefully insert the inner tube into the tire from the exposed end, ensuring it remains unharmed. Finally, guide the valve of the inner tube through the rim.

  9. Reinstall the Wheel

    Reassemble the torque arm and washers. Thread the chain onto the smallest cog while gently retracting the derailleur. Align the brake rotor between the brake pads. Finally, mount the wheel onto the dropouts.

    Reinstall the torque arm to 40nm and the axle nuts to their previous positions.

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    Best Place To Buy E-Bike Tires.

    The best place to buy e-bike tires can depend on your location, budget, and specific preferences.

    • Your local bike shop is frequently an excellent option. They can offer expert advice, assist with selecting the appropriate tires for your e-bike, and potentially provide installation services.
    • Online Retailers like Amazon provide diverse e-bike tires and offer customer reviews for decision-making.
    • You can purchase tires directly from the website of the e-bike manufacturer. This ensures that you're getting tires specifically designed for your e-bike model.

    Ensure you take into account tire size, tread pattern, and terrain when purchasing e-bike tires. It is crucial to select tires that align with your specific riding requirements to achieve optimal performance and safety. Ensure that you read reviews and conduct research to identify trustworthy sellers and superior tires that align with your needs.

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